Why You Need A Silencer

Firearm Silencers make shooting more enjoyable by reducing felt recoil and concussive noise. A silencer also has home defense and performance advantages.

It is your right and privilege to own and benefit from suppressors on your firearms.

How To Buy

On the Farm we believe in making procedures bullet proof! Our process involves informing you about your ownership eligibility as well as how to properly complete each form.

We provide you with all of the information you need in one convenient place.

What We Offer

We offer our clients and partners the industry’s highest quality silencers and customer service experience.

We also offer great pricing along with high quality mil-spec products, parts and accessories for your rifle, shotgun or pistol.

Online Gun Store

Take advantage of our experience in the firearms industry! We’re here to help you understand your options to best meet your needs.

Purchased a firearm online? No problem!

Let us assist you with your firearm transfer, whether to you or from you, quickly and easily.